Primary Data Collection/ Windshield Survey Essay Assignment Paper

Primary Data Collection/ Windshield Survey Essay Assignment Paper

Primary Data Collection/ Windshield Survey Essay Assignment Paper

Page 2 of 2 Part Two:

Primary Data Collection/ Windshield Survey (50 points/150 total points) Windshield surveys are a form of direct observation that involves making visual observations of a neighborhood or community while driving – literally “looking through the windshield”. Windshield surveys are a relatively inexpensive, time-efficient method for assessing the social environment of a community. The purpose of the windshield survey is to gain a better understanding of the environment you are studying to provide insight to the resources available in a community. Specifically, windshield surveys allow for the observation of neighborhood boundaries, the people, use of open spaces, housing conditions, shopping areas, schools, religious facilities, human services (such as hospitals and clinics), modes of transportation, protective services (such as fire and police stations), social/environmental determinants of health, and the overall neighborhood life in the community. When you are planning a time to complete this windshield survey, you will need to enlist a driver so that you can truly focus on viewing the community “through the windshield” and collect photographs. You will need to take at least 3 photographs for each category of the Windshield Survey. Pictures need to reflect both assets of the community as well as challenges within the community. You will also need to include your observations of each category for this assignment (such as condition of facilities, presence or absence of services, etc.). Do not take pictures of the community when children are present (must take this into consideration specifically when documenting elementary, middle, and high schools within the community). Once you collect all the photographs and observations for this assignment, you will organize them in a PowerPoint presentation with one category per slide. Remember, you will need a minimum of 3 photographs per category. You must clearly label each photograph on the slide. You will list the observations described above (such as condition of facilities, presence or absence of services r/t health of community and each specific category, etc.) in the notes section of the PowerPoint presentation. You must also describe at least 2 assets to health and 2 barriers to health for each category (more is ok) in the notes section of each slide. Critically thinking about what you observe is necessary to understand the potential impact of the community resources and deficits in your chosen community. Providing documentation about what you see and think about each category in relation to the health of the community is a very important component of this assignment. The final slides of the PowerPoint presentation should summarize your overall analysis of the community. Include how the assets and barriers/challenges in the community may affect the health of community members. This can be a short narrative or a bulleted list, but must demonstrate critical thinking. You may also consider narrating/adding your voice to this summary slides (see rubric for additional expectations). Categories:

• Amenities and Open Spaces: This may include, but is not limited to parks, tennis courts, walking/biking trails, public pools, recreational facilities/clubs, movie theaters, sports arenas, skating rinks. Well maintained? Public transportation available to these areas?

Primary Data Collection/ Windshield Survey Essay Assignment Paper

• Transportation: Visible public transportation such as buses, cabs, trains, subways. Private cars/SUVs, motorcycles, bikes. Poorly or well maintained? New or old? Weather coverings for public transportation waiting areas? Available throughout the community or only specific areas?

• Safety: Police presence, people mingling, children playing, active or inactive neighborhoods, presence of gangs, fortified buildings or not (eg. bars on the windows).

• Commercial Buildings and areas: types of retail stores, check-cashing establishments, strip malls, liquor stores, tobacco stores, shopping malls, small neighborhood stores, evidence of industry (eg. Factories in use or abandoned). Well maintained or not? Public transportation available?

• Government offices: police station, fire station, town hall, court house, health department, other government agencies.

• Health Services: Public clinics (FQHCs/ Community Health Centers), hospitals, Emergency rooms, private doctor’s offices, drug/alcohol treatment facilities, pharmacies, other health-related buildings and services.

• Schools: Public and private elementary, middle and high schools, colleges, technical/trade schools.

• Housing: types of residences (eg. single-family homes, condos, apartments, mobile home parks, row houses) and condition (poorly or well maintained), condition of lawns or common areas, size of dwellings (large or small, or a mix), subsidized housing, shelters.

• Religion: Religious facilities present or absent, types (eg. churches, synagogues, mosques).

Part Two: Primary Data Collection/Windshield Survey Rubric

Include an introductory slide with student name and course number/section, community (city) name, county, and state


Photographs: no less than 3 photographs per category, including clear labels. Photographs must be appropriate for the category

13.5 points (1.5 points per category)

Observations: Narrative observation of the condition of the the building/spaces captured in the photos. In addition, students must include a bulleted list of at least 2 assets and 2 barriers/challenges you see in each category in relation to the impact on the health of the community.

18 points (2 points per category)

Overall Impression slide: 1. What was the most unexpected thing you learned during this survey? 2. What additional questions about the community have emerged from completing the windshield survey?

4 points

Summary slides: Review and synthesize your findings related to the individual categories to develop a summary statement for both (1 statement per slide): 1. assets 2. barriers/challenges. ***Think about how these assets and barriers/challenges affect the health of the community members and include this information in your brief summary statements. In addition, students will identify at least 2 probable health issues in this community r/t the observations made during this assignment. Must show evidence of critical thinking in relation to how the environment affects health of the community members.

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